Tank Room   Raceway #1     Building #1

           The Beginning---Lots of room to expand in the future!

       Work Room


 Feed Station

 Freshest Seafood in Colorado!!   

We sell live salt water White Shrimp.  We net and put them on ice when ordered. We also offer directions as to initial preparation should you happen to be new to the product.  As you might suspect, as shrimp lovers, we eat a few!  We would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the shrimp farming business.

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1st Raceway

  The first tank with 8 inch concrete walls

Getting to the final steps

 20,000 gallons---slow going with a garden hose! ---(We recyle the water, so only have this issue once!)


 Slow going--One man operation---Building #2 was much faster wth   help.

























































































 ________Shrimp Availability ______


 Next full batch of shrinp will be available in Augest.



   . .    Our e-mail address is coloradoshrimp@aol.com for any inquiries.


Price is  $18.00 per lb


Shrimp will be 15 to a lb at that time.(U15)



We  will deliver orders or combined orders of five lbs or more to a central area in  Falcon, Co, when shrimp are available.


Contact Details



3885 Mulberry Rd, Yoder,Co.  80864



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